Precious Me (or You) Time

Good afternoon everyone. How is everyone doing??? Me?? I’m doing alot better after I took some much needed me time. Something that not many people realise is really important to not just their mental state but their over all health.


Yesterday, I went to the beach. Which I haven’t done for ages!! While at the beach it made me realise just how much I needed a break. Whether it was from work, life, home…….im not quite sure. But I do feel amazing. The waves helped me relax and splashing about in the ocean made me feel like a little kid.

It just felt nice. And I noticed that I don’t give myself enough ‘me’ time. You know, time where I can relax, unwind and destress. Just to forget that I had other things going. So I’ve made myself a promise of giving myself at least 30 mins each day of some precious unwind time.


Give yourself some precious ‘you’ time. Whether its an extra 10 mins in bed, or reading a book. Whatever makes you feel happy and relaxed. Trust me when I say it really helps, and helps put things into a different light.

How do you guys unwind? Do you unwind often?? Xx

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6 thoughts on “Precious Me (or You) Time

  1. Sometimes even just stopping for a breath when you’re rushing and late, thinking “while I take this breath nothing matters, I’m not here, just one deep breath.” can work wonders them you’re off again. It’s great if you can compartmentalize different parts of life and switch off x


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