No.7 Stay Perfect Foundation – A Review

Hello beauties. I hope your all enjoying your long weekend and cracking into some easter eggs!!
I remember saying that I hate foundation because of its cakie like texture and mask like feeling. Well I may have changed my mind. (This is a big thing for me!) I had wanted something that gave great coverage, long wearage and didn’t fade. And this is one that I found:


No. 7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation with SPF 15, is my first No. 7 product and one I intend to keep. (It’s in the shade ‘Warm Beige’) I work in a bingo hall, where I move alot and it can become hot very quickly. So I wanted something with staying power and this provided that last night.

It didn’t fade or move (I touch my face alot during work, so was abit worroed about that!) and it blended with my skin beautifully. I even forgot I had it on till I got home!!!


A little colour swatch of the foundation. I tan really easily during sunny weather so this is just a little darker than my hand. I also found a good foundation for winter, when my skin is a little lighter (I’ll try that one next year!!)


The coverage is fantastic (I’m a novice at blending makeup, so rather proud!) and worked well at covering my blemishs.

This will be staying in my makeup bag for sure. But it will only be used for when I have really bad outbreaks, and horrible red blemishs. Otherwise it will be my loyal BB cream.

Whats your favourite foundation? Xx

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