Colourful Canvas – Daily Inspiration

Thinking about it, everyone has a past.
You, me, our best friend, that woman in the cafe and even that guy down the road.
Like a canvas of their own design. Filled with different colours, shapes and tones. Some will be more subtle, with pastel colours and softer shapes. While others will be darker, vivid colours and more dangerous shapes.

Even the softest of canvases will have spots of dark colours. Hopefully even the darker ones will have areas of pastel. The canvas of our lives blend into one another. By our own design. By knowing eachother.

So instead of seeing just another person, see a canvas instead. Of past struggles and praises. Dont judge any person, we don’t know what their canvas looks like, nor do they know yours.

We are all a canvas. A blank space that begins to be coloured each day. Respect each canvas, just like you respect your own.

Cause one day you could make a master piece. By your own design.


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