Drugstore Bronzing.

Good afternoon beauties. This is a post for ladies (and gents) that like to use a little bronzer during their makeup routine. Personally i prefer using bronzer when im a little paler than usual or just to add a little contour to my cheeks and forehead. Or on my legs during warm days.


These two bronzers are the best that I love coming back too. The pot on the right is from Avon in their ‘Glow’ selection. In the shade warm. Which blends in well with my warmer skin tone. (Just never put a bronzer on thickly or without preping your skin first. It just doesn’t work well!!)

You can get another shade of bronzing pearls from Avon in the ‘cool’ shade. For lighter skin tones.

My personal favourite is the bronzing powder from boots.


This one by Rimmel London in the shade ‘medium’ is my favourite bronzer. I find that it works better with the skin type that I have (a combination of an oily T-zone, and dry-ish skin) Not just that I find that I can work well with it as a powder.
It’s also really good for setting in other makeup. And gives paler legs a light dusting of a tan. Not just that its a great inexpensive item from boots. Plus there is a great range of other bronzers that work well with all skin types.

Do you beauties like bronzer?? Which ones are your favourite??

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