Favourite Authors (and Books!!)

Hello darlin’s. The weather for some reason seems alittle confused today. (Getting all four seasons in one!!) Anyway, I got myself into a little dilemma the other night. I was struggling to decide which book to read!! (Just a heads up I have over 80+ books) It also created the idea for a blog post. So here are a few of my favourite authors and their books.


If your into the fantasy or criminal side of writing that I would highly recommend these reads.

The amazing crime writer Lynda La Plante and her work ‘Backlash’ is a fantastic piece of work. Where she delves into the chilling mind of a possible serial killer. This book continues to follow the adventures of the inspiring DCI Anna Travis and her romantic interest, DCS James Langton. Several possible twists and a confession to not one murder but three?!? This is a book I struggle to put down. The plot and characters are fantastic and it always leaves me second guessing what’s going to happen next!!!

The fantastic supernatural writer Kelly Armstrong has wrote some amazing books but this is by far my favourite. ‘No Humans Involved’ has some shocking twists and follows the two loveable supernatural characters: Jamie Vegas the talented medium and Jeremy Danvers the alpha pack leader. Yes he is a werewolf!! As they track down killers and help ease the frantic souls that are trapped.
A great read for supernatural lovers out there.

A new find and a new love for me. Elizabeth Moon is the author of ‘The Deed Of Paksenarrion’ has become my favourite by a mile. This book is more fantasy, mythical and spiritual in its context. With plenty of action and combat scenes it follows young Paksenarrion as she travels to join the army. But is she just an ordinary soldier or something more??
You gotta read it to find out, cause I do not want to give to much away. But I shall warn you there are some scenes of torture, so its best to know.

I loved these books and I continue to do so. What are your favourtie authors?? Xx

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