Getting to know Seasonal-Rose (aka me!)

Hiya everyone. Thought it would be a good idea to give you guys a little info about Seasonal-Rose. Well mainly me. I personally love reading these kinda posts. It’s a great way for you dudes and dudettes to get to know me a little better. Lets get started!!!


1. I lived in the Orkney Islands for about 10 years. Most of my childhood. It’s where my strange accent comes from. XD

2. Spiritualist. Yeah i believe in that there are spirts. But i refuse to ever use or own a ouija broad. Thats just asking for trouble!!!!

3. I’m a cusp baby. My star signs are Capricorn and Aquarius. 😀

4. I infact have a speech impediment. It only pops up when I become flustered or upset.

5. In primary 2 I nearly lost my thumb!! But it was saved. Thank god.

6. My music lists are huge!! I can listen to everything, love blasting Mozart or 3 Days Grace when I feel stressed.

7. I’m a carer to my younger brother who has p.16 syndrome. The cutest little guy in the world.

8. Rather embaressing fact……I talk in my sleep. Some of the stuff I’ve said…..I shall never repeat.

9. Really wish mythical beasts where real. Simple as. XD

10. Favourite gemstone are sapphires. They remind me of the ocean, with it’s gorgeous blue colour and calming effect.

11. I’m a very deep and private person. Even though I’m a major chatter box.

12. If I’m out shopping, with friends and get lost. People tend to find me in a book shop. Love the smell of books and the feeling as you turn a page.

13. I’m an old romantic. I love leaving hand written notes for ross to find. Plus I cherish hand written letters, theyre so personal and powerful.

14. Really want to visit L.A. Maybe move there, who knows what the future holds!!

15. My food obsession. It has to be pasta or rice dishes. Yum.

Loved writing this. Until next time folks.

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