Giving Blood!

Whoa. I haven’t posted in awhile!! Been working away and dealing with some crazy cold/sore throat stuff. Anyway on to this post and I find this to be very important to me. (Don’t feel like I’m pushing this on any of you beauties!)
Well here goes…….one of my proudest moments this morning when I came home, and that was to this.


My blood donor card finally arrived!!! And I’m so happy and pleased! I’ve given blood a couple times (each time I was with some amazing staff!!) and I have a few reasons.
1. My little brother has p-16 syndrome which deletes part or all of a chorosome. Plus he has had several op’s and it meant the world to me when he was given a blood transfusion.
2. I have a terrible fear of needles (even though I have a tattoo, its on instagram!) And I promised myself I would get over that fear……slowly getting there.
3. Everyone deserves a chance at life (within reason!!) so I’m happy to help my fellow people.
Giving blood is easy and great. But you do get questioned before hand and tested for your iron levels. (low iron levels and they will send you home with plenty of advice) IT IS ALWAYS IMPORTANT TO BE HONEST WITH QUESTIONS!!!
The nurses always explain this too you. Each nurse is polite and really friendly. Checking up on you or giving you some moral support. If you feel ill, SAY!! I have never had this but I have felt very light headed after one session and was allowed to lie down for longer.
Another amazing thing is the after care, after you have given your donation. (sounds a little wierd!!) A group of nurses check you over and they always make sure you get loads to drink and some chocolate for energy levels.
Not many people do blood donations, some have illnesses, other might not agree with it. And it’s only 3 time a year.  I think its a very good thing to know my blood type. It can come in handy. šŸ™‚
Does anyone else give blood?? Xx

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4 thoughts on “Giving Blood!

  1. Aw that is such a lovely thing to do! I’ve thought about giving blood, but I have a B12 deficiency so my blood definitely wouldn’t be wanted by anyone haha! Emma xx
    (P.S – I’m giving way two MAC Cinderella lipsticks on my blog!)

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