February Favourites.

Hello beauties. A little late I know, but been super busy. So finally had some time to write this new post. The products I used alot during february. Well my fav ones anyway. And there is a non beauty one in there too.


These are the little gems that I’ve going back to over the last month. Now on to the list:


This is a dull skin saver!! Its been amazing through out the cold winter months. I suffer dry skin and my skin becomes lifeless during colder months. This gem, from the Vitamin C range at the Body Shop. Its a re-purchase too and it smells amazing!!


I use this Nivea Soft ‘Intensive Moisturising Cream’ when ever I get patches of really dry skin, thats being stubborn. It works after a few applications.


I have wrote about this lip balm before and it’s become my favourite one!! Elf lip balm in the colour peach. It’s a great base for lipstick or on it’s own. Already re-purchased.


This is a cuticle balm by Avon. It has rose extract, feels soft and creamy. I only really put it on at night, because it soaks in beautifully. My cuticle’s look so healthy and less damaged.


Normally I love a bold lip, but lately I’ve been adoring my nude shade by L’oreal Paris in the shade ‘Sweet Berry’. And it’s an amazing shade. It works well with my skin tone too.


These are rockin!! Not very spring like, but have serious colour appeal. ‘Black as Night’ and ‘Mambo Melon’ make a killer combination. The black helps bring the fruity colour of the orangey red. Super cute together and on their own.


This isn’t beauty but it has been one of my favourite things the last month. ‘The Sherlockian’ by Graham Moore was a book that I had to get after reading an amazing review by the talented blogger, Educating a Teacher and Coach. (Give her blog a read beauties!!) And it has been a brilliant investment!! Such mystery and a thrilling tale. Can not wait to finish reading it.
Do you have any Ferbruary favourite’s?? What are they?? Xx

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