The Stardust Review – Radiant Rose

Hello beauties. How has your weekend been? Mine has been really productive. Mum was wanting a nice nail varish on (she is back up on her feet!!) and wanted one of her new one’s on. So looking through her small collection of nail polishes and I came across this cute little one that I got for her christmas. (I had wanted it, but we share our nail varish collections. So alls good)


It was a new release from Avon, and in the colour Radiant Rose, in the Stardust collection. It’s not exactly my colour, i prefered the really chic green or orange one. (Can’t remember their names, sorry!!)


But I do have too say it is very girly, cute and adds a fun pop of colour. The sparkles aren’t over barely and gives a cute finish when the light hits the nails. Downside though, is that it feels gritty on the nail, which isn’t exactly nice. I just put on a good clear top coat to help seal it and stop that gritty feeling.
I’m really hoping to get the other colours from this collection just because they are really stylish and add a little fun.
Do you guys have any new nail favourites?? Xx

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