Getting a job!!

Hello beauties!! I have some amazing news……..I got the job!!!! Woohoo. I haven’t worked for a while due to family commitments and lack of hours. (Never go zero hour contract!!! Ever!!!!) More lack of hours really, which is very fustrating.
Not working had been rather soul crushing and confidence destroying for me. I like to keep busy, and I’m very independant. But for the last 2 months I’ve been very dependant on my partner. When I found out about the lack of hours, I went on a huge job hunt. And got turned away from nearly every job.

But just 2 days ago a friend mentioned that my first place of work was looking for staff. So next day I went in, filled out an application, and today I thought it was an interview. They told me I could start Monday!!!! Oh. My. God.
I feel amazing! It’s like a massive burden has been lifted off my shoulders and I can breathe. Finally!
I’m really pleased, its only a few hours but it’s something. Glad that I never gave up and kept pushing through the rather difficult times.
What’s your greatest achievement so far this year?? Xx

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