Leaving highschool and Order.

I left highschool about 4-5 years ago and I can still remember it. I still have my school blazer!! It was an emotional time, a place I was at for 6 years, a place were I met great friends (no longer speak to most of them!!) made some good memories and got amazing grades.
Not really. It was both exciting and nerve racking. Going into the unknown. But after I left, I began to wish that I didn’t. I didn’t have college to go to, no job, and I didn’t get all the grades I wanted. It was a scary time not knowing what I was doing. But I landed a job and eventually made it into college later on.
If I could go back to highschool, I would. I would keep my head down, and study. I would go out a little more and i would have stuck into my sports. But of course we can’t turn back time.
But instead I look back and realise it was probally for the best. The struggle taught me more than school ever did. However I do recommend that if you are at school, keep at it. Cause you really don’t want to leave and regert not working hard enough. Highschool is simply teaching us the basics of life: respect, honesty, hard work, building relationships.
I am happy I left but I do wish I just did a little better. But hay, we can’t have everything.
If you dream it, you can do it, and if you can do it, you can achieve it.


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