Avon lip liners. The basics.

Hello beauties. Everyone who knows me, knows that I love lipstick. I can’t leave the house without some form of lip product on me. I went lokking through my box, and found loads of lip liners that I’ve recently been going crazy for. And I’ve picked 3 which I personally think every lover of lipstick should have. Not so much the brand but the colour.


These are all from avon and are nearly finished!! The top one is ‘Red Brick’ and perfect for lining and adding depth to red and some pink lipsticks. Or you can use it by itself.
The second one is ‘Mystery Mauve’ it works well with pinky and nude lipsticks.
The last one (bottom) is ‘Rich Ginger’ and is the best for nude and lighter shaded lipstick.


All of them have brilliant pigmention, a lovely cream smooth texture, and really easy to apply. Lip liners help stop lipsticks from running or loosing their colour.
Whats your favourite lip liner?? Xx

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