Artlovers. The Tools!!

Hello beauties. My first art post!! So excited, im all giggly. Not many people know that I’m an art lover. (More than makeup, at times!) It’s a huge part of my life and the easiest way for me to express myself. A hobby that can let a person become so creative, they could create a whole new world!!! But every artist or budding artist knows that we all have tools of the trade. Like how a makeup artist has brushes they can’t live without. These are my tools of the trade:


My beloved ‘Staedtler Ergo Soft’ pencils. Like a makeup brush, these can create so many different textures. These are really soft pencils (I’m normally heavy handed, so the softer graphite helps!) The sheer quality of these is beyond amazing. Normally I would just block colour, but the amount of blending I get outta these is amazing. I’M VERY PICKY! They are colouring pencils, but you get different types.
These beauties work well with water colours, blending in perfectly. Or if I’m working with arcylic paint they can create a great depth and softest that paints just can’t do.
They where from Whsmith on sale. The unique thing is that they are triangle in shape. Which is just a little easier too use. By far my tool I prefer.
Whats your tool of the trade?? Xx

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