Naked Palette’s

Hello beauties. I’ll be honest I’m terrible with eyeshadows, all that blending, however I have made it my mission this year to use my eyeshadows and get a great look too. Plus I’m a complete sucker for them. All those pretty colours. Just like lipstick. (I’m a self confessed lipstick junkie!!) I’m going slightly off topic here. Gonna give you beauties a small review on the two palette’s. The Urban Decay Naked Palette both 1 and 2.


These are by far my favourite palettes. Just because they have a great selection of nude/natural colours. Some are more glitzie in pigmention than others. The palest shades (Virgin and Foxy) are fantastic for covering up any annoying viens on the upper lid and just under the eyebrow. I love to use the two black shades (Creep and Blackout) as eyeliner. They’re great in colour and stand out really well, blending is really easy with them. The dark brown (Busted) in the Naked 2 palette sometimes gets used in filling my brows. (Not the best at that yet, and its in another post!)
I also realised and noticed that having a good eye primer helps in keeping that pigmention in the shadow lasting longer. (Can you tell I’m a makeup newbie!)
My only problem, which is tiny, is the fallout. The tiny balls of product that form when you dab your brush in. I hate that. Feels like some of the shadow is getting wasted!!
Whats your opinion on the Naked Palette’s?? Xx

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11 thoughts on “Naked Palette’s

      1. Haha I think that way too! 😛 But then I thought the Naked 3 was really unique and I love wearing pinks so I went for that one instead! You should have a look into it if you like pinky shades! ❤

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      2. It is really lovely! ❤ I think you will like it! It's an easy transition from the more classic brown neutrals! 😀 And definitely, you could use it under some other shades! Hehe best of luck! ❤ ❤

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  1. Hey 🙂

    I have recently gotten the Naked Basics palette but I haven’t used it that much yet. I do think it’s an amazing palette the color choices are wonderful, perfect for everyday/the no makeup – makeup look. Both the original and the Naked 2 seem so beautiful, tho, such lovely shades. (I guess Urban Decay really knows how to pick shades for palettes, huh? haha)

    Anyhow, great post and good luck with using eyeshadows this year. 🙂


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