Bullying and Self-worth

Ah bullying. Something that happens to us all at one point. And sometimes we become the bully. What some people don’t realise is that bullying is a form of abuse. Mental, emotional or physical, its still abuse. Name calling, its mental abuse. Kicking someone, its physical abuse. Emotional abuse is when its everyday.
I’ll let you all in on something……I was bullied throughout my primary and highschool life. Shocking really. I got teased and picked on everyday. Highschool was the worst! I was at one point, an apsiring netball player. Always goal keep, I loved it. Being accepted in a team of girls. But that all changed. I stopped playing in my first year. The tauntung was horrible and my so called team shunned me.
The bullying happened in every classroom, every hallway, every breaktime and even lunch!! The only time I got a break was at home. Even then the bullies taughts haunted me. I got called a freak, stupid, wierdo and some down right nasty names. I was attacked several times on the school bus. Had egg chucked at me. I got so scared, I would fake being ill so I didn’t need to go to school. I stopped eating, started to self harm and stopped talking to my parents
My grades where affected, my intelligence was affected, my confidence and self worth………they were smashed to pieces.
By the time i was in my final years, I no longer cared. I got nasty back. But it was all bravo. I don’t like hurting people, never have.
Leaving school was difficult. But it’s been the best thing for me. Since I hit my twenties, my confidence has been going through the roof. I’ve realised that the tormenters at school were jealous. Afraid of the gal with the strange accent. Afraid I’d show them up. And now I probally can. I’m doing things I never thought I could. I have a great family unit, my friends and a loving partner behind me. Ready to catch me or help me when I need them.
If your being bullied speak to someone, don’t keep it too yourself. They can help you. I wish I had.
Don’t fear the bullies, make the bullies fear you!!

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