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Hello everyone. Yes i know its rather late. 12.30pm to be honest in UK time. Having a slight bount of insomina tonight. I was going to post this later on this morning. But seeing as I’m up, I shall post it now. I have decided to change my blog a little. I will still be writing about my adventure’s and unique take into the world of fashion and my reviews into the ever growing world of beauty. But I want to go a little more personal with you all. I want you to know about my passions, the things the have my utmost interest.
I want too share my life experiences with you. Simply because of this, knowing that if I can make one person happy, or give them confidence or make them feel like they aren’t the only one going through something, then I’ll have succeeded in my personal mission. My mission to help people. To let people know they are all unique. So i have now made my blog my personal blog. I hope to write about my love of art, poerty and many other things. I want to share the moments that have made me, well me. I hope too share these things with you all. And I hope you will continue to enjoy my blog. Thank you all for encouraging me to be honest, and to keep goung forward. I look forward to the future.

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2 thoughts on “Blog update!!

  1. Making this a personal blog is a great choice. šŸ™‚ I just read your post on bullies and it inspired to me to think about the bullies I had when I was little. I’m grateful those years are over, but I’m also glad that because of them I was made stronger.

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    1. thanks, it was kinda hard making it so personal. i inspired you?? wow!! im really pleased about tht. Bullies try and bring u down, but they can make u the strongest person in the world. Forgive but dont forget. xx

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