Lace Crop.

Hay beauties. Ive been dreaming alot of warmer weather and relaxing on beaches. (There is some really good ones close too me here in scotland!) I had recently went to a boutique and, I’ll be honest I have a secret love for boutique’s. They’re just perfect for trying something a little more different. And I’m guilty of getting something that can’t be worn until the weather gets a lot warmer. (Am I the only one who does that??)


Yes the lace crop top. One of my favourite pieces of clothing. It’s so easy to dress up or dress it down. This one is really comfortable to wear, and looks great with jeans or a pencil skirt!! Its also really easy to give it a more punk like edge. I love the lace detail, and the colour is really on trend this year. (I like colour trends the most, not fashion!) I’ve already given it a whirl with a soft blue blazer, black jeans and my red booties. (Teamed it up with a scarf, little peace mittens and my hat! Gotta keep warm.) I was surprised by the sheer amount of compilments that I got. So I can’t wait to wear it more during summer. The zip is at the back, which can be a little fustrating.
Have you beauties got an outfit for spring/summer that you can’t wait to wear?? Xx

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