Biker boots! ;)

Hello beauties. I was having a bit of a struggle on figuring out on what too write. I had too many ideas!! But i figuried I should write about something that I love too pieces and is a major piece in my wardrobe. In fact personally I think everyone should have somrthing similar in their wardrobe.


Sorry that they look dirty, these have been well loved and are all scruffie!!! These boots are my biker boots that my mother got me several years ago. If I’m struggling to figure out what to wear on my feet or i want to give my outfit of the day an egde, these rockers make an enterance. (I’d be lost without them but they need to be fixed up!!)
They have never let me down once. I tend to wear them with everything, especially if I’m wearimg my pink block dress. Gives it a gorgeous egde of attitude and punkieness.
Have you beauties got a piece that makes your wardrobe complete?? Xx

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