Liquid lipstick.

Hello beauties. This is the last e.l.f product that I will be writing about for a while. Not sure how I feel about that!!! I was really looking forward to trying out this new liquid lipstick by e.l.f in the colour ‘Ruby Slipper’ and if I’m being completely honest…..I was rather disappointed. This could be because of the colour. I was expecting it to be more red. A little deeper in colour, but thought I would still give it a shot.


I’m not to happy about the amount of product that you get with this!! Its like a big pen, but a small amount is product. However aside from that it’s actually a good product. The applicator is fantastic, its soft and really easy to use. Reminds me a little of lipgloss. On the lip it doesn’t feel sticky and lasts a good couple hours, its like a nice nude shade.


This is a swatch of the colour, and it really is a nude like colour. The best thing is that it isn’t sticky like I was expecting, it is also most glossy. I’m not sure I would get this colour again but this hasn’t put me off of liquid lipsticks. Next time I’ll get a darker one. šŸ™‚
What’s your opinion on liquid lipstick?? Any good recommendations?? Xx

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