The cape!?!

The cape. Such an under looked piece of clothing. The cape I own isn’t a jacket, but more like a cardigan!! Nice think fabric, lovely pattern and my two favourite colours rolled into one!!!


I got this from the christmas fair last year!! It was 10 quid and it gets worn a lot!! It’s perfect for those days were it’s to warm for a jacket but you still want it wear something warm. I love belting it up to keep it place. It’s alse reversible, the pattern on the other side is the same but blue is the main colour. I personally tend to wear this with most of the days outfits, unless I’m wearing a shirt. It doean’t work as well with a shirt, which is a shame.
I love wearing it for the beach trips. The cape is a little different, but works really well. It fits well into the reat of my wardrobe perfectly. I don’t think it’s too everyone’s taste but personally I think its a great buy.
Have you guys bought anything a little different?

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