First Award! “Sisterhood Of The World” Blogger Award!


My first blogger award! I’m so happy to have been nominated by the beautiful Camila of TheGeekChick. It means a lot too me that people enjoy what I write about and this is a great opportunity for you guys to get too know me better.


Thank the blogger who nominated you &link back to their site.

Put the award logo on your blog.

Answer the ten questions sent to you.

Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.

Nominate seven bloggers who you feel deserve the award.

The 10 questions:

1. What’s your favourite piece of clothing in your closet??

Oh that’s tough. I don’t have a single favourite and whatever I’m loving at the moment depends on the season and my own mood really. But I’m loving my dark blue checkered shirt from New Look and my faithful black and red checkered shirt from River Island! They aren’t too tight and plenty of room to move.

2. What’s your biggest style regret?

That’s rather difficult because it’s only recently that I’ve been exploring my style, so normally I tend to stick to my comfort zone. The one thing I do regret though is not buying that gorgeous red biker jacket that I saw on sale!! Does that count as a style regret???

3. Favourite current trend?

I personally love animal print (shame it doesn’t love me!!), block colours and jeggings or jeans! Both skinny and boot cut all the way for me. I’d love to own a leather biker jacket simiply because they are so amazing and chic!! Too be honest I tend to go for things that I personally like, it doesn’t really bother me if it’s on trend or not. 🙂

4. Favourite style decade?

I love the 50’s it’s just so rock ‘n’ roll and chic. The style is gorgeous, along with the hair and make up. I’m gonna try and build my wardrobe around that style. So i’m working extra hard to achieve that, I have a guilty love of all things vintage.

5. Why did you start blogging?

That’s a very thought provoking question. See I’m my younger brother’s carer when everyone is working, and my mum had broke her ankle so I became her carer to a point too. During this period I couldn’t really work and I really wanted to get my career started in the fashion world. So I wondered how I could get myself on the ladder, maybe break down the dream into small chucks that I could manage now. So i started blogging and it has become a way where I can express myself and just let loose and get involved in other people who have the same passions as me.

6. How would you describe your style?

At this moment in time its relaxed and casual.

7. What’s the meaning behind your blog name?

Seasonal-Rose. Me and my mum were brain storming this. I adore roses. They are beautiful, come in so many different colours and have so many different meanings. But at the same time they can be so dangerous to the untrained eye or when they are underestimated. My mum sometimes calls me her little rose. I also love the different seasons, I think they’re beautiful as they change between them.

8. What’s your favourite thing about fashion?

I love how it can be so individual and unique to the person. It can be so expressive whenever you want.

9. Any trends you wish you’d never tried?

Again I don’t normally pay attention to trends, I just wear what I like and buy what I like.

10. What’s your dream article of clothing?

I have no idea!! Maybe a steam punk corset? They are gorgeous and look so beautiful.

My questions for my nominee’s. 1. Why did you start blogging?

2. What do you want to achieve with your blog? (Full-time job etc)

3. What does fashion mean to you?

4. Have you ever splurged on an item?

5. Any beauty item that is your secret weapon and why??

6. What’s the meaning behind your blog name?

7. Who is your style icon?

8. Do you have a favourite make up brand?

9. How many tattoos do you have if any? (Just curious?)

10. Are you a jeans or skirt gal?

My nominees:

1. vogueinfatuation

2. frenchvanillandcoffee

3. V

4. thekhakiqueen

5. withtinu

6. Sandra Lewrey

7. Arielle

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