Mineral Lip Tint!!

Hello darlin’s. I hope you are all having an amazing weekend so far!! Today I thought I would muck about with my make-up and maybe try some new things or new looks!! (Not doing very well with the eyeshadow, but getting there!!) I tried some new lippies and lip balms, and I combined them with my new E.l.f purchase!! I know, I’ve been going e.l.f daft lately. But they are so good and inexpensive (i personally hate the word cheap, sounds tactie, low quality and nasty!) Anyway back on topic:


This gorgeous thing is slowly becoming my secret weapon for long lasting lip colour!! Along with my elf lip balm!! This elf mineral tint is in blush and rather pinky.


Sorry for the pucker, but it shows the gorgeous subtle pink!! This is the lip tint all by itself, and it feels amazing. Nice, soft and creamy, it hasnt over dried my lips and has added a layer of moisture too. Using it as a base is great for nudes, sublte reds and pink lipsticks. So pleased with the results and its also long lasting.
Do you guys use a lip balm as a base?? Are they good and moistarising?? Xx

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