Kohl Eyeliner!!

Hello darlin’s. How are you guys doing? Looking forward to the weekend?? Today I’ve had the pleasure of trying my new e l.f eyeliner. Now I’ve got to be honest I am very picky with eyeliner, and I’m usually disappointed because it runs or comes off rather quickly. And it’s my go to make up item!! However, I also have my mum testing this product out with me. So you beautiful people will be having both of our opinions!!


This is a new buy and a very important one!! (I can’t go out without eyeliner on!) So far both my mum and I have both agreed that it goes really well. Nice, easy and you don’t need to press to hard or put tons of layers on to get a good look. It also has lasted over 2 hours, and it hasn’t faded or smudged!! Which with us both is a super win and really important.


It also goes on beautifully thick and darker too. I only wear eyeliner on the water line.  My Mum seems to love it, so I know who will be getting more…..or trying to steal my one!! Its inexpensive and cruelty free too, so no guilty feelings in the slightest. My verdict, can I get more?? Buying in bulk and the same goes for my mum. Xx
Whats the make up item you giys can’t live without?? Xx

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