Red booties

Afternoon my lovely darlin’s. I’ve had the pleasure (maybe not so much for my feet!) in breaking in my new boots that I got for Christmas. I love boots whether it be walking boots to heeled boots, I just love them. They most be comfy to wear though and not too tight. That can be an issue with certain brands or materials. A major problem I have with all types of shoe is that I have to try them on before I buy them. Im either a size 6 or 7!!!! (Am I the only one with that problem??)


These are gorgeous!!! They will never replace my beloved biker boots though (but theyre nearing the end of their life!!) I adore the red on the toes, the cute buckle on the outside and the heel isn’t to high on them. The zip is on the inside of them. They are from Blue Inc which is a new shop in our area. I’ll be going there more often! My only problem with them is the wierd sound that they make when I’m walking, probally cause I haven’t broke them in yet. Love how comfy they are too, and that I can wear my boot cut jeans and skinnies with them.
Do you guys have a pair of shoes you adore?? Xx

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