Garnier – Eye roll on

Hello darlin’s. I hope your all enjoying your weekend, i don’t like that it’s nearly over so quickly!!! I’ve mentioned before that I have terrible bags under the eye area and that I’m attempting to get rid of them in different ways. Concealer – just to cover them up abit, water – to help reduce them, which is helping, and a roll on which I wish I got years ago!!!


This is a great little product that helps brighten the under eye, helps remove excess caffeine and water build up. It’s from the Garnier range, which I had never really thought of trying until a couple months back. It simiply needs to go on twice a day, once in the morning and a second at night. The trick to get the best results though is how it is put on!! Dabbing it on the skin is better than actually ‘rolling’ it on. Just think of it like a concealer the best results happen when you pat it in gently. If you don’t have bags, but do have dull skin it does help brighten up the skin when used often. It can be worn underneath make up, just wait till it has dried into the skin. I really like this and glad I got it. Results are a loblng waiting game but are worth it.
Do you guys have any tricks for dull skin?? Xx

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