Bag day.

Hello darlin’s, I have noticed I tend to say that alot!! Oh well, anyhow an interesring fact about me……I tend to hate bags!! I don’t know why, i just find them annoying and fustrating. I guess it could be a more love/hate relationship. That could be due to the fact evey bag I have ever owned gets broken, or pinched (when i had a female sibling!) After the bag I was using for work broke again, I decided it was time to buy a decent bag. Nothing to large or to small.


And this is the one I am proud to annouance is now mine!! It’s from New Look and a cross over. I prefer a strong cross over simiply because it’s easier to carry and the weight is shared out over the shoulders more evenly. Pink normally isn’t my colour (I kinda dislike pink yet I have a block pink dress that I love!) but I love how it’s broken up by the black and white. I also like that it ain’t too big, where I tend to put too much in. It’s just big enough for my notepad, a small drawing pad, purse and a few other bits. The best thing about it is that it wasn’t super expensive and suited my budget.
I’m expecting a few years with this bag, it’s gorgeous colours, suits my style (at the moment) my budget and my budding love of fashion. But I shall admit I plan on saving for a new one soon……or maybe go for a new jacket.
Do you guys have a love/hate relationship with something?? Xx

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