Heat Spray!!

Hiya darlin’s, I have mentioned before that I have really damaged hair. I personally blame the weather (my habit of using the straighteners religiously, and cranking up the heat on my hair dryer is most likely the problem!!) it got to the point where I was actually LOSING my hair because of all the heat. I woke up one morning and decided that I love my dark chocolate locks far too much to lose. So I made for the closest Boots and looked around for something that could help. I found a hair mask by ‘Toni and Guy’ which I have written about before but I will happily say again………it’s helped save my hair!!!! And a second product that I buy in bulk.


This adorable heat spray by VO5!! When I don’t have the time to let my hair air dry, I use this heat protection spray on my hair before any heat goes near my hair!! I tend to drown my hair in it and massage it into my scalp, roots, base and ends. Giving it full protection. A massive plus for me is that it smells really nice (major thing for me, if it smells horrible I ain’t gonna use it!!) It also is a great styling spray too so I don’t need to over do it on moose or hair spray. Using these two products I have noticed some amazing differences in my hair’s health.
Do you have a hair secret?? Xx

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