Sleep balm.

Ahhhhhh sleep. The thing I love the most and yet I struggle to get a decent night’s sleep. One of the most important things to a healthy lifestyle and yet something that alot people take for granted. Sleep is when our bodies repair and recover from the day, it helps with the health of our hair and skin. The bonuses of a good nights sleep are endless. And much to my annoyance I struggle on that part. I’m an insomniac, well a recovering one. I’ve been getting alot more sleep, guess that could be because I’ve been forcing sleep. Or because I’m figuring out what helps me sleep at night. So I tried something from Avon that was highly recommended –


It’s ‘Sleeptherapy’ and it kinda has a slight lavander scent too it. This is a balm that you rub into your wrists and your temples. It’s meant too help put you to sleep, for me it just helps ease a migraine. I’m not exactly sure it does what its meant to but it does feel nice, helps ease a migraine. So maybe it does do what it says, but I don’t think it’s worth the buy. I do prefer the shower gels though. It smells so nice and it helps relax all the muscles!!
Do you guys have a sleep remedy?? Xx

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