BB cream (First Time!!)

Good afternoon darlin’s. I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned my dislike towards foundation. I have used it before, but it ended up making my skin feel all mask like. (im a firm believer in ‘dont knock it till you try it’) It just didn’t feel right too me. But I do want coverage for small breakouts and duller patches of skin. A few people mentioned BB cream too me. So I decided to give it a try, the only problem was trying to find a good BB cream.


For my first time using this product I decided to try the BB cream for the Body Shop range in the shade 00 as the others would be a little to dark for my skin tone.


(without any BB cream on!!)


(with BB cream on!!)
I was a little worried when I was putting it on, incase it went cakey and mask like. But I am very pleased that it feels very light, like a second skin actually. It was also very easy to apply (luckily I had the right brush!!) and it gives light coverage. Not too much, but just enough to cover lighter freckles and any dull patches that I have. I also like that its not super expensive, and esay on my purse. I might even go towards foundation, if I can find a decent one that is!!
Do you like foundation or BB cream?? Xx

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2 thoughts on “BB cream (First Time!!)

  1. Someone else who feels the same about foundation! I tried a few BB creams, for me the best one I’ve tried and that I’m sticking with is No 7’s. It’s £13 so a bit pricey but Boots always give you £3 money off vouchers for no 7 make up 🙂

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