Feet SOS

I absolutely love the beach, and I know it’s far too early to be talking about beach weather and the big blue friend I miss dearly. But its not too early to start preparing for it. In fact this is the perfect time to start getting the hard dry, dull and a little lifeless skin on my (and everyone else’s I bet!) feet back to being beach worthy. I know it sounds a little silly but I don’t like rushing my skin when the warmer weather gets here. I love having it ready for my sandals and nice warm sand.


And these 2 beauties help along the way. During shower time I always use a scrub on the heel to soften up any hard skin, then I put on ‘Foot Works Lavender’ and partically drown my feet in the stuff. Its an overnight cream so a pair of massage socks (or plain old white ones) goes on straight afterwards. By morning my feet are looking more healthy and softer. I tend to do this several times a month, and I massage in a body butter on every other day to help soften them futher. It helps the skin repair itself. The spray is to help stop any itchyness from happening, mainly my legs after I shave!! But it also helps cool my feet down.
Im really looking forward to summer now.
What do you do to prepare for summer?? Xx

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