The Shirt (and Blouse!!)

Ah, another cold day here in lovely Scotland. Everyday could be a shirt day for me (mainly cause I have that many!!) and I absolutely love shirts!. They go with quite a bit and always rock, no matter a person’s shape or size. I always have a hard time picking out a nice shirt or blouse when I’m out shopping. Mainly because there are far too many cute and comfy ones to choose from!! I have to go for comfort, I’m not interested in the brand or price. If It’s comfy and I like it, I tend too buy it. I’m kinda picky with shirts and blouse’s mainly because they are statement pieces. Here are a few of my favourite’s.


These four are just a few of the larger collection that I have gained over the years. The lightest one is mainly for summer and beach wear. It’s rather form fitting and thankfully not too tight. (I don’t like clothes too tight round my chest.) I love it’s pastel colours and the thin fabric. Easy too breathe in. The orange one is a love of mine. It’s see through but I love that I can put a white vest underneath. The sleeves are longish and get buttoned up to the elbows. Not just that it’s a gorgeous colour. The red and black one is a splurge item. From River Island and has become a favourite and well known piece in my wardrobe. It’s not tight, slightly form fitting and can go with nearly everything. The newest edition to my wardrobe is the blue checker one from new look. My fav colour too!! The funny thing about this one is that it’s not a size 10, I picked up a size 16!!! Which I realised when I got home but I’m not going to return it. It’s a little longer in length, and gets tucked into my jeggings and high waisted jeans. I have a feeling that it will be used as a summer shirt just because of its length and the texture of the material.

Do you like shirts and blouse’s?? xx

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