Masculine Care <3

Hiya everyone. In a great mood even no this miserable and cold day. This post is for my little brother who has special needs and for all the men out there!! But like everyone else he also needs to look after his skin, especially now that he is 17 and growing some whiskers. 🙂 So I thought that I would get him some stuff, although I’m not sure if he has oily skin, but I do know that he has sensitive skin. And the best place to get a young man skin care where there is zero lanolin in their products and great customer service. The Body Shop.


The darker one is from their male care range and it’s called ‘Maca Root Razor Relief’ Which is just a a light cream that goes on after he gets a shave. When he got his first shave, he was red and his skin looked a little uncomfortable. I only put a little of this on as it could get a little greasy, and it cooled his skin down nicely. It’s not heavily perfumed either which is a slight bonus but smells faintly of mint. (He doesn’t like things to heavy in scent, unlike me!!)

The white one is for their Aloe range, again because it’s not heavily perfumed either. This one is called ‘Aloe Gentle Exfoliator’ which he really loves!! We just use this 3 times a week and massage it gently into his skin. It’s also for sensitive skin, mainly to be on the safe side. I think he just likes the pampering if I’m honest but most mornings he always wants his face washed with this stuff!! What a wee munchkin.

Does your man have a fav product?? xx

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