Coloured Nails :)

Hello everyone, I have done something that I have never really done……I painted my nails!!! Yes, that’s a rather strange thing to admit, but I have a very good reason. I hate chipped nails!! So I don’t normally paint my nails, until now. The thing is I have loads of nail varnish and I mean a lot, and I only use them on my toes. So I thought why not give my hands some love. So I did with a few giggles in between and a hard choice to make. (I have over 30 colours to pick from!!)


This is a little darker on the nail, but the flash doesn’t help here. After 3 coats, it looks rather nice and the shine is amazing. I’ve worn this colour for 3 days now and very few chips have happened. It’s also a great colour to wear during winter and it still feels rather festive. The colour is ‘Cherry Jubilee’ by Avon and I’m rather pleased with the gorgeous results. I think I’ll be doing this more often. Give my hands the love they deserve!!!

What’s your fav nail varnish?? xx

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