Bed Socks :)

Hello darlin’s. How are you all doing on this strange wintery day? I am currently wrapped up in a throw with a hot cuppa, chatting away to my mum. When she FINALLY notices my socks. But these socks are warm cosy bed socks!!! I can’t sleep if I have cold feet, rather annoying especially at this time of year. Cold feet always wakes me up, and then I get moody. (I don’t think I’m the only one here!) The bed socks normally come out at this time year for day wear too, or if I’m having to go out. (more like forced, I like to hibernate at times!!) I have 2 pairs from Avon which are super fluffy and a little thicker, one is white with a little pink bow, and the other is a lovely leopard print. Mum keeps stealing them! And just recently I got a few new additions to my bed sock collection!

DSC_0685 These are the newest editions, and they all come from primark!!! Only at £2 for 2!!! So I thought I should treat myself to them. I love the colours, plus the fabric is really nice too. Which if your a little fussy at night times like me, then these are worth a shot. Also their are a few more colours and partners too choose from. The best thing about these is that they aren’t too thick so I can wear them with jeans and boots. I’m already hinting at my mum and partner for a few more!!

Do you like bed socks?? Or am I just wierd? 🙂 xx

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