Fare-well Dark Eyes!!

Hello everyone. Sorry I’ve been gone for a bit, family stuff and got a tad carried away with the holidays!! Hope everyone had fun. Anyway, I have a slight problem. Well one I’ve had for ages, and it’s also a big insecurity of mine. I have horrid and massive dark circles under my eyes for years since I was about 8 I think. (Lack of sleep if I’m being honest) And the problem has been noticed by some friends and family. However I have decided to beat them, however I’m a very impatient person. Plus I like seeing instant results so, I decided to go completely out of my comfort zone and get a concealer!!!


This concealer is by Soap and Glory, and it’s a gorgeous little product. I’m not to keen on covering up my skin, so I don’t like to wear foundation but I thought I would give this a little try. And so far it has my seal of approval! It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin, and it goes on smoothly, plus it’s a lovely match to my skin tone. Which are all really important. As you can see in the photo below, my dark circles are less noticeable and nicely covered.


I’m still playing around with this product to see how I can get the best application. I’m really glad it’s not heavy and about how easy it is too apply. Plus it’s not costly either which is a massive plus.

Do you have any skin tips?? xx

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