Dark Desires. xx

Hello darlin’s, I had mentioned in one of my previous posts that I was willing to try a darker shade of lipstick. At the bottom of my stocking I found two lipsticks from Avon. (I know, it’s becoming an obsession!!) Me being me, I simply thought that they where just paler colours…..until I actually looked at them later. And I was rather shocked. Mainly because my mum doesn’t normally dark lipstick, but she got them on a whim because I had mentioned that I wanted to experiment with darker colours. So, here are the two gorgeous beauties that I got:

DSC_0647This is actually a little darker in person (because of the flash, sorry!!) it’s called ‘Russett Dream’ and has a slightly creamy and shiny texture to it when applied.


Again it’s a little darker in person but darker than what I’m used too. I’m going to be experimenting with colour a lot more to see how I can get the best out of it. Now the second colour is more of a purple than a red.


This one is darker, almost like a dark brown when you first look at it. When applied it has a creamy matte like texture too it, however it is a little drying on the lip. But apart from that I can’t wait to give it the love it deserves!!DSC_0654

I love the gorgeous colour it has and the pigmentation is fantastic. I think that’s what scared me about dark colours, the sheer depth and the fact that they could fade awkwardly through out the day. I’ll be experimenting with them both too see how they do, but I have a sneaky suspicion that they may become my fav’s in due time.

Do you guys have a fav lip colour?? xx

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