Glitz and Glam

Hay everyone!!! How was your Christmas?? Happy boxing day. I’ve had quite a bit of sugar, so slightly hyper while I’m writing this. I have a slight confession to make……….I’m a lover of all things shiny, glitzy and sparkly.


I had been wanting some ear cuffs for ages and I was pleasantly surprised when my mum got me these for Christmas. Just like an normal earring at the bottom but a cuff at the top to help keep them in place. These are gorgeous, only problem is that they are slightly heavy for me at the moment. So I’ll be wearing them every day only for 10 mins. I’m not sure if I’ll be wearing these as an every day look or keep them for special occasions. Knowing me I’ll find a way of wearing them most days. I’m a magpie at heart really!!


I also got this little beauty too, from my mum. I love the gorgeous chain work and leopard print design. This is going to be in my special ware, mainly cause it’s far to pretty to wear to work. Both of these pieces are from Avon……I know I’m crazy about Avon. I can’t wait to wear these pieces more and get a few outfits together.

What’s your fav Christmas gift?? xx

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