Winter Lips

I am what my gals call a “make-up virgin”. I never used to wear make-up and suddenly this year I’ve slowly entered the world of make-up. it’s a scary place to be at times, but I personally think I’m coming into my own in this wide and varied area. And I can happily say I’m begging to find a few favourites along the way. Like the Winter lips. I adore dark colours for both the eyes and lips. And I’m slowly experimenting with colour and brand. At the moment I’m slightly obsessed with Avon products, and I have two colours that I do love.

DSC_0604 These two beauties are amazing in colour and feel very different on my lips. The one on the left is ‘Instant Mocha’ and the one on the right is ‘Amethyst Gold’.


This is the ‘Amethyst Gold’ on, I love wearing this one on a night out or for a party especially at Christmas because of its gold like sparkles. It gives my lips a gentle red-ish tint (Can’t really see here!!) and it goes on really well. It feels moisturizing on my lips, which is great cause I get very dry lips during the winter months. It also lasts long, to a couple hours each time.

DSC_0618 This second one is mainly for work or social. It’s ‘Instant Mocha’ and it gives a darker shade than what’s shown in the photo. (The flash on my phone!!) It’s a medium pink with more red. It’s great with a little liner too!! A lovely colour to boost any outfit. The only problem with it, is that it leaves my lips a little dry, so I just put on a little lip balm before hand. I’ve been wearing this colour alot during the colder months, mainly cause it looks nicer with what I wear.

I plan on going darker for Christmas. Have you got a fav brand or lip colour? xxx

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