The Modern Brogue

I never knew what Brogue’s where until my mum got ready for work one day, and I noticed she was wearing a pair of lovely black shoes. So being the curious sort (and needing some new shoes!) my lovely mum told me what they were. Since then I’ve slowly began to fall in love with this gorgeous, hard wearing shoe.


These gorgeous Brogue’s are rather surprisingly comfortable after you break them in. They are great with almost everything (not all dresses thou!!) and I do tend to where them a lot going out socially or shopping with the gals. (My mum mainly!!!) This pair is from Clarks and cost me a tidy £50, I love the quality of them and the variety. You can also get them in wide fittings too, which makes things easier when shopping for my mum. The best thing about these gorgeous shoes, is that they can be worn for almost everything. From work to social, it all depends on your preference, it also depends on everyone’s individual style. But I personally think that they should be in every woman’s wardrobe. If you’re looking for a comfortable and practical shoe, I would highly recommend the brogue, a gorgeous classic shoe with a great modern twist.

What’s your fav shoe??? xx

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