Nature’s Skin Saviour!!

Sorry about the ducks!! 🙂

My first health post, super exciting!!!! Everyone knows just how important Nature is to our lives. But a lot of people forget about the one thing that has massive importance to our planet, but can also improve our health. And that is water. It’s so easy to forget about this amazing and life giving element and how it can have such a massive impact on our health. (Sorry about the picture!! The best one I have so far!!)

My friends have roped me into the water challenge. Which is where a person drinks, approx. 2 litres of water a day. During this time (I’ve given myself 6 months!!) I will also get snaps over the course of six months to check out the progress of this challenge. If your like me and hate warm water, this will be rather difficult for me. I can only drink it cold and I’m already noticing some difference in my skin and it’s only been a 3 weeks!!

I’m actually really looking forward to this, simply because of the sheer amount of positives this can create. My skin is terrible, I have horrible red blemishes and great big black bags under my eyes from lack of sleep. So I’m hoping that after six months I will see a massive improvement. Will get the first pic up soon.

Have you guys got any health challenges?? xx

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