My Early December Fav’s

I love reading things like this on other blogs, they give great ideas or help when your a little stuck on something. So I thought I would give it a bash myself. These are my ‘Early December’ fav’s, which I use ALL the time. Well most of them, nearly everyday. 🙂


The first product is a perfume. ‘Si’ by Giorgio Armani, a gorgeous scent and prefect for night-outs or dates with the man. Its sweet and subtle in scent. Slightly floral like, but luckily not over powering in scent. I hate over powering scents or ones that are to heavy. I had got this last Christmas and I’ve bought it twice since. It’s an amazing scent and it’s always gets asked about.


The second product is one that I use to get rid of my make-up. It’s from the body shop and it’s the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. I massage a little of this into dry skin then wipe off with a damp muslim cloth. It’s easy to put on and smells really nice and fresh too. And it gets the make-up off fast! It leaves the skin on my face clean and really soft as well.


And last but not least is the product that is slowly saving my skin from blemishes. Its Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser. And yes, once again it’s from the Body Shop. (Slightly obsessed with their skin care ranges!!!!) This does what it says on the bottle. It has helped clear my skin of horrible red blemishes and some annoying black heads. But only if it gets used all the time……….I tend too forget at times (or I’m rather lazy) But it smells great and leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh.


So these are some of my fav products this xmas. What are yours?? xx

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