The Heels With Attitude!!


These gorgeous heels are by Iron Fist. Which I got a couple months ago but I thought I would share these little beaut’s with you.They are a size 7…….yes I know, big feet!! But they are incredibly comfortable, and so easy too walk in. And normally I’m terrible in heels. They have a great platform and a nice peep toe part at the front. The best thing about these shoes is that I can wear them with almost anything!! Jeans, dresses, shorts etc.

The down side is that they cost a tidy sum of £70!!!!! But they where a wee treat for me, from me. Besides I fell in love with them and they are super unique. I didn’t even know they had a website!!! So I know what I want for x-mas!!


A little bit closer up, so you can see the detail that’s on the shoe. These normally get a lot of attention when I’m out. And they are my favourite pair of heels. Super comfy and so worth it.

Do you guys like Iron Fist too?? 🙂 xx

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